Apothecary of Love

This is my happy place. This is my apothecary. My herb drying, oil infusing, vodka and plant squishing paradise.

It's happiest when it's a mess and I'm covered with plant materials and sweetly scented oils and baskets are full of plants waiting their turn in the process. Once the materials have been blended into beautiful healing medicines they are bottled and labeled.

I have lived a long time and done a lot of fulfilling things. But to take part in transforming a simple tiny seed into jars, canisters, and bottles is more than a satisfying accomplishment. Opening my cupboard at the end of a busy summer harvest is a pleasure I can't put into words.

From the fresh, windy days of spring when the dandelion tops are bursting through, to the cool autumn days when 2 year old elecampane roots are ready for digging, it's nothing but pleasure to me. Grabbing just the right size basket, some gloves and clippers to gather in enough horehound for my cough syrup recipe reaches something primal inside of me. Like this is what I was created for.

I love creating skin care products to keep me looking young and lovely. In my opinion, money cannot buy the joy of pure aloe from your own plant to make a mask, or oils blended with calendula, plantain and essential oils for winter dry skin or acne. These jewels make their way into my bathroom and my daily routine. My skin can readily tell that these products come from the earth instead of the shelves of my favorite department store. Besides making my skin grateful it saves me money which makes my husband grateful.

Come winter, when my cupboards are full of the herbal harvest in one shape or another, knowing that I'm ready to help my family through winter illnesses is satisfying on another level altogether. Even though my kids are grown they still get a box full of mom's goodies so that if they get sick they know where to get the healing! And a little dose of mama's love.

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