Guilty by Association

This time of year the pollen is high. So many plants are in full bloom and lots of stuff is floating around in the air. Two plants that are blooming here in the Midwest in mid to late September are Ragweed and Goldenrod. Since seasonal allergies are high during this time of the year Goldenrod gets the blame right along with the bad boy Ragweed.

But the truth is that this glorious yellow autumn delight has many health benefits - one of which is calming seasonal allergies. That's right. Goldenrod does have pollen but tends to be selfish with it. The pollen stays deep inside and doesn't become airborne because it is too heavy for the wind. Insects love it and do a great job of spreading it effectively.

In addition to allergy relief, Goldenrod is used to reduce pain and inflammation, as a diuretic, muscle spasms, gout, joint pain, as well as eczema and other skin conditions.

If you are plagued with season allergies, however, you might want to have someone else harvest Goldenrod for you so you can avoid the dreaded Ragweed.

I spent the morning clipping off the top two feet of each plant and hanging the yellow bundles in my apothecary. Once they are dry I will grind them slightly in my blender and put into jars in my cupboard. My allergies won't return until the spring - tree allergies - but I'll be ready.

Glorious Goldenrod

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